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Re: Support the Surge — for Now?

By on 1.14.07 | 3:01PM

John, true, that is significant. But it does it really alter fundamentals? If the 80% of attacks/within 30 miles of Baghdad is right, the targeted surge is clearly on target. But the question of insufficient size still dogs the design. On the other side of things, too much of a surge may not be a good thing either. This may mean 21,500 is just right. But, in turn, just right may, in this case, mean a lot less than a military strategy with a fundamentally new approach. It may even mean that there isn't a fundamentally better military approach, which both ratifies and somewhat banalizes the surge. In the end I think that's the right attitude: the surge is fine if part of a new, improved, fundamentally reconceived, and comprehensive strategy suite. If not -- look out.

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