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Restoring Faith and More

By on 1.13.07 | 8:37PM

So 2006 was a lousy year. The war went badly, the Dems won the election and life is lousy, right? Wrong.

Back in New York after a long absence, here for great aunt Belle's 100th birthday party tomorrow, Sharon and I went into a restaurant for dinner. Big deal. Actually, it was.

In the New York of my youth, restaurants were excellent or they died. Period. It's a reaffirmation of America for me to discover that the old rules still apply, despite Bloomberg, despite Hillary,despite the presence of the UN. After a nice Barolo, the best veal chop in the world, and the hospitality of a maitre d' named Benny, I feel restored. New York - and Nino's on West 58th -- are ready to take on the world. And so am I.

You want a piece of this, fella? C'mon.

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