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Baker v. Wlady, Colts v. Ravens

By on 1.13.07 | 6:56PM

Wlady and I sparred here and in email over what would happen in the Colts game. Almost all of our commentary revolved around Peyton Manning.

Turns out the unexpected heroes are the Colts defense and Dominic Rhodes for amazing clutch running on the final drive. And, oh, it looks like the Colts were pretty shrewd in picking up Adam Vinatieri, who contributed five field goals.

Another thing: Steve McNair played as well as could be expected against a Colts D that has become suddenly dominant the past two weeks, but it is clear he is no longer the player who was once capable of taking over games and willing his team to victory. That's what Vince Young is becoming. The Titans were wrong to screw McNair, but oh so right to pick up Young.

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