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NFL Playoffs

By on 1.12.07 | 3:05PM

Colts v. Ravens -- Peyton Manning will not be denied.The Colts defense isn't particularly good, but the Ravens simply can't outscore the Colts.Victory Colts.

Bears-Seahawks -- If Sexy Rexy shows up firing interceptions, then the Bears will lose even with homefield advantage and cold weather chilling the Seahawk offense.If Rex the former Heisman candidate re-appears, then the Seahawks have no chance.I'm betting on a decent game from Rex Grossman.Victory Bears.

Saints v. Eagles -- The Post Katrina Karma surge in favor of the Saints is not going to lap up gently on the shore this week.Besides, that offense is fabulous.Victory Saints.

Chargers v. Patriots -- Schottenheimer breaks his playoff curse this weekend.Tomlinson is the best back of a generation and Rivers is as cool as Tom Brady used to be.The Pats have gone as far as they should have.Victory Chargers.

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