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Yes, James…on Brownback

By on 1.12.07 | 1:34PM

James -- Good points all in response to my posts on Brownback. Just for the record, I thought I had made perfectly clear that dissent and debate is perfectly welcome. You are correct in that my main complaints had to do with the timing and place of Brownback's statement... and, of course, the patent insincerity of it, based on political advantage rather than actual conviction. In my first post, too, I criticized the unctuous senator for resorting to platitudes about what he would do instead, rather than offering anything substantive. That criticism stands.

Finally, I really do not believe there are ANY constructive ways right now to oppose the "surge." But if Brownback had offered one, AFTER listening to the president's speech, I would have welcomed it even if i disagreed with it...if, that is, he had adequately explained why he was changing his tune (other than sheer opportunism) from his stance of less than a month to go. The fact is, Brownback was for the surge before he was against it -- and his Kerryesque pivot therefore deserves to be ripped to shreds.

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