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Reply to Ross Re: Amash - UPDATED

By on 8.7.14 | 1:01AM

Ross has replied to my critique of Congressman Justin Amash's victory speech in Tuesday's Republican primary win.

He takes issue my characterizing Amash's remarks as being full of self-pity. Ross prefers to describe it as gloating. Well, call it what you will. But whatever Amash was doing last night it was most unattractive and unbecoming. Amash won fair and square and by a decisive margin. Just because you can take a parting shot doesn't mean you should. Amash could have taken the high road but instead chose a different path.

I see that Ross isn't entirely on board with Amash's characterization of Edward Snowden as a whistleblower. I haven't seen any evidence from Snowden that the NSA has acted illegally. Even if he had, Snowden forfeited his right to sympathy the moment he provided classified information to Putin.

As for the Iron Dome, the response Ross provided from Amash was already included in my link. Amash can't have it both ways. He cannot say he supports Iron Dome and then refuse to support its funding. His position is a cop out.

If Ross wants to donate money to Amash then that is his business. But in the long run I don't think he will get a good return on his investment. 

UPDATE: Daniel Larison of The American Conservative has also seen fit to chime in. Alas, Larison has little to contribute to the discussion other than to argue that Amash's tone was appropriate for a victory speech. Apparently winning with grace and dignity is too old-fashioned.

I will only add that if Amash thinks he had it rough with Brian Ellis then he's in for a rude awakening should he decide to run for Governor of Michigan, the U.S. Senate and especially the White House.

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