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Amash Awash in Self-Pity

By on 8.6.14 | 5:05PM

I watched the video of Justin Amash's primary victory speech last night that Ross posted.

Ross might think this is what America needs, but Amash's victory address comes off as childish and churlish. His speech was awash in self-pity. When I listened to Amash's remarks I could not help think of Obama's petulant tone.

Did Amash have a bruising primary? No doubt. But politics ain't beanbag. Telling the world that he thinks Pete Hoekstra is a disgrace and that he is glad to have him "fade into total obscurity and irrelevance" says more about Amash than it does about Hoekstra.

While I think it's good that Amash explains his votes, I'm not impressed with someone who considers Edward Snowden a whistleblower nor do I think much of someone who recently voted against supporting funding for Israel's Iron Dome in Israel's hour of need.

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