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I’ll Say It Again: Justin Amash is Exactly What America Needs

By on 8.6.14 | 4:05PM

I've written about Congressman Justin Amash, whom I consider a friend, a few times. His district is 1200 miles from my home, but for the second election cycle in a row, he is the only member of Congress to whom I made a campaign contribution.

Amash is a tireless champion for liberty and for the Constitution, even when it puts him in opposition to Party leadership, and even though that opposition has cost him, for example, a seat on the House Budget Committee.

A conversation with Justin Amash gives you a glimmer of hope for the future of our nation and of the Republican Party (of which I am not a member though I wish I were inspired to be).

He explains every vote he casts in Congress on his Facebook page. Every vote. And in his years in Congress, he has NEVER missed a vote.

Amash was the subject of one of the nastiest "establishment" attacks on an incumbent that you'll ever see, including a despicable ad claiming that Amash essentially supports terrorists.

Current members of Congress such as Michigan's own Mike Rogers (himself retiring after this session) and former members such as Michigan's own Pete Hoekstra endorsed Amash's opponent, Brian Ellis, as did the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

When Tea Partiers and others in support of good government rail against the "Establishment," it's people like Rogers and Hoekstra they have in mind. When Justin Amash doesn't lie down and play good footsoldier, they strike. Well, not this time.

If I may borrow certain words of wisdom from the evil Lois Lerner, if the establishment had been able to unseat one of the most principled people in Congress, it would be fair to suggest aloud, "Maybe we are through if there are that many a$$holes."

And there are many, but there aren't enough, and Justin Amash won by more than 14 percent despite the shameful full-court press by many in his own party.

Adding to my pride in supporting Justin Amash is how he dealt with people like Hoekstra and Ellis in a speech after Tuesday's primary victory. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No "he ran a good race" or "we just differ on principle." No, Amash gave it to them with both barrels, probably still several barrels fewer than they deserved.

Enjoy the video above...


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