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Rand Paul Isn’t Exactly a Profile in Courage

By on 8.5.14 | 4:51PM

Senator Rand Paul wasn't exactly a profile in courage earlier this week in Iowa. While having lunch with GOP Congressman Steve King, two amnesty activists (one of whom referred to herself as a DREAMer) confronted the pair. While King stuck around and chatted with the two, Paul, not having finished his hamburger, did an impression of Jesse Owens that would have impressed the late Cleavon Little. Or like Sir Robin in Monty Python and The Holy Grail he bravely turned tail and fled.

This does not make Paul look good at all. Politicians can ill afford to be seen running from people even if those people aren't likely to be your supporters. Of course, the amnesty activists had an agenda an axe to grind. But so does everyone. It comes with the territory. Unless people have violent intentions there's no reason to slip a politician seeking higher office out the back door, especially if one is seeking the White House.

It also reflects poorly on Paul for leaving King in the lurch although King more than stood his ground. Not only does it leave the impression that Paul is afraid to talk with people, but that when the going gets tough he can't be counted on the stand up for his friends.

If Rand Paul wants to run for President then he can't run away.

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