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DC’s Gun Restrictions Takes One Between The Eyes

By on 7.27.14 | 1:46PM

The ruling of Washington, DC district court judge Fredrick Scullin in the most important current challenge to that city's unconstitutional restrictions on Second Amendment rights takes judicial action against intentionally law-breaking jurisdictions to a most welcome new level.

The short version of the case is this: While the District of Columbia reluctantly pretented to comply with the DC v Heller Supreme Court case's finding that he right to bear arms is a fundamental individual right, they did it in a way which functionally prevents any resident of DC from receiving a concealed carry permit.

Not only did the judge rule that "the District of Columbia lacks any way to issue handgun carry licenses to individuals" and that they must put such a mechanism in place, but further he ordered that until such a meachanism is in place, anybody who can legally have a gun in his home in DC can also carry a gun in public without needing a concealed carry permit.

Let the liberal hyperventilating and the political cartoons of the Capitol building sitting in the Wild West commence.

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