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Mormons — The New Theocons

By on 1.5.07 | 10:12AM

In a post about Damon Linker and Mormonism, Daniel Larison makes an important point that I didn't get to in my column. Linker concedes that Mormons, as a matter of theology, have "genuine and profound loyalty" to the U.S. political system. But Linker goes on to say, "And that is precisely the problem."

Larison responds:

Talk about a tough audience! Genuine and profound loyalty to the United States and its political system, which Mr. Linker does not even attempt to deny, is rooted in Mormon "theology" and is at the same time the source of Mormonism's threat to "liberal democracy."

Linker would probably say that he is troubled by the U.S. role in Mormon ends-times theology. But he hasn't provided any evidence that this actually influences the policy preferences of Mitt Romney or any other major Mormon politician.

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