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Morning Round-Up 7-18

By on 7.18.14 | 9:51AM

Feature of the Day: After the Crash


Morning Headlines




Associated Press

1. Putin Urges Ceasefire

2.  Israel Deepens Gaza Push to Destroy Hamas Tunnels



1. Dem Base: Fine With Clinton, Pining For Warren

2.  Plane Crash Builds Pressure on West Over Ukraine



1. World Leaders Demand Answers After Airliner Downed Over Ukraine

2.  U.S. Urges 'Precise Operation' From Israel in Gaza


Wall Street Journal

1.  Netanyahu Calls Invasion Last Resort

2.   Investigation Faces Daunting Challenges


Washington Times

1.  Five Million Americans in for Premium Spikes if Obamacare Challenge is Successful

 2.  Non-Pilot Given Command of Air Force in Pacific


Top Conservative Stories of the Day:


The American Conservatives

1.  Still America First



1.  Drop the Kids Off in Jersey?

2.   McCain: It'll Take an Open Borders GOP to Defeat Hillary


 The Daily Caller     

1.  Justice Department: We Heard About IRS Missing Emails on the News

2.   White House Puts Some Blame on Russia for Shoot-Down

1.   Obama's Only Public Comment on 'Terrible Tragedy' Was Followed by a Joke


National Review

1.   The Truth About Gaza

2.   The Obama Albatross


Washington Free Beacon

1.  The Bear is Loose


Top Liberal Stories of the Day:


The Daily Beast

1.  Why Putin Let MH17 Get Shot Down

2. Top Israel Hawks: Time to End Israel Foreign Aid


Talking Points Memo

1.  Why Airlines Didn't Avoid Risky Ukraine Airspace



1. More Than 100 AIDS Experts May Have Been Killed in the Malaysian Plane Crash 

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