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Morning Round-Up 7-17

By on 7.17.14 | 10:44AM

Feature of the Day: Microsoft to Cut Up to 18,000 Jobs


Morning Headlines




Associated Press

1. Gaza Rocket Hits Israel as Humanitarian Lull Ends

 2.  Justice Dept: Missing Emails Now Part of IRS Probe 



1. Barbours Spent to Boost Mississippi Black Turnout

2.  Darrell Issa Weighs Holding White House Official in Contempt



1. U.S. Jobs Data Upbeat, But Housing Starts Fall Sharply

2.  West Considers Early Sanctions Moves in Troubled Iran Nuclear Talks


Wall Street Journal

1.  Costly Drug Denied, Medicaid Takes Heat

2.   Ukraine Says Russia Shot Down Jet


Washington Times

1.  Putin Strikes Deal to Reactivate Spy Base in Cuba

2.  Egyptians Increasingly Critical of Hamas


Top Conservative Stories of the Day:


The American Conservatives

1.  A Witness-Protection Program for Terrorists?



1.  Hamas Violates Ceasefire as IDF Thwarts Major Terror Attack

2.   Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors to be Placed in Florida Foster Homes  


 The Daily Caller     

1.  House Guts IRS Budget

2.   Democratic Governor Links Border Crisis to Halocaust

1.  U.S. Amb. Blames 'Climate Change' For Hotel That Collapsed 12 Years Ago on African Beach

2.   0: Total Refugees Admitted From Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico in FY13


National Review

1.   Gun Madness at the State Line

2.   The Canard of "Economic Patriotism"


Washington Free Beacon

1.  Over 500 Grievous Injuries or Deaths at VA Hospitals in 2013


Top Liberal Stories of the Day:


The Daily Beast

1.  This Anti-Heron Drug is Now King of the Jailhouse Drug Trade

2. Girls Love Science. We Tell Them Not to.


Talking Points Memo

1.  Alleged KKK Cop's Ex-Wife Offered Wild Explanation for Hate Group Ties



1. Federal Court Declares California's Death Penalty Unconstitutional

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