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So Sick of Media Anti-Semitism

By on 7.17.14 | 9:43AM

In today's news about the charging of three Israelis (one adult and two youths) in the murder of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khedair (who lived in Jerusalem), you can tell the professional media anti-Semites from the amateurs.

Spot the difference between the opening of these two news reports on the same story:

CNN: "An adult and two minors have been indicted in what Israeli authorities say was the revenge killing of a Palestinian teen -- a death that helped stoke tensions between Israelis and Palestinians this month -- an Israeli district attorney said Thursday."

BBC: "One Jewish man and two youths have been charged by Israeli prosecutors with the murder of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdair, the justice ministry says."

I saw this in several stories at the time this terrible crime was first being reported, after the quantitatively worse story of three Israeli teenagers being kidnapped and killed by Palestinians: News organizations which would never have considered describing the Palestinian killers as "Muslim" immediately identified the likely perpetrators of Khedair as "Jewish," not just as "Israeli."

Reprehensible, but for some reason "anti-Semitic" and "left-wing" frequently go hand-in-hand in the modern world, particularly in media and academics.

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