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God Bless the IRS

By on 7.16.14 | 1:27PM

In a series of releases from the House Oversight Committee last night, Chairman Darrell Issa released new information in the ongoing investigation of the IRS. The revelations deal with Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. According to a YouTube video released here, the recording is of Solis soliciting funds for President Obama’s reelection campaign. Federal law, under the Hatch Act, prohibits federal officials and bureaucrats from campaigning during work time. Issa is alleging that these calls were made on federal time, which is a clear violation of the act. 

In another allegation, this one from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Issa points to several tweets from an April Sands, who was Lerner’s deputy before resigning earlier this year. One of the tweets, posted on Issa’s Twitter page, shows Sands attacking Mitt Romney on federal time:

Romney is toast. But POTUS can’t do it all on his own. Don’t forget Congressional races. We need a Democratic sweep. Stay focused #p2.

#p2 is a very common tag used by liberals on Twitter. Another tweet by Sands reads:

I just don’t understand how anyone but straight white men can vote Republican. What kind of delusional rhetoric does one use? #p2.

According to Ms. Sands, blacks, gays, and women cannot vote Republican. How elitist.

As the investigation continues, we should take a moment to say “God bless the IRS.” It seems every day the agency vividly demonstrates the incompetence and folly of the federal bureaucracy.

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