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Morning Round-Up 7-10

By on 7.10.14 | 10:24AM

Feature of the Day: 13 Ways the NSA Spies On Us


Morning Headlines


Associated Press

1.  Obama Aims to Shift Border Crisis Debate

2.  Commanders Suggest a 2nd Group in Benghazi Attacks


1.  Todd Akin's Only Regret

2.  Obama Goes After GOP on Immigration 


1.  U.S. Jobless Claims Fall, Point to Healing in Labor Market

2.  Israel Launches Deadliest Attack in Three Days 

Wall Street Journal

1.  U.S. Probes Breach of Federal Computers

2.  U.S. Spying Agencies Accused of Spying on Muslims, Blacks

Washington Times

1.  Reid Lambasted by Black Conservatives

2.  A Series of Missteps Steers Obama's Trip Off Course 


Top Conservative Stories of the Day:


The American Conservative

1.   Afghanistan's Deadly Indecision 


1.   True the Vote Alleges Pro-Cochran Officials Destroying Mississippi Election Files

2.   ISIS Continues to Win, Continues to Grow 

The Daily Caller

1.   Lois Lerner Did Print Out 'Some' Emails After All

2.   ISIS Just Siezed a Bunch of Uranium

1.   Obama: "This isn't Theater… I'm Not Interested in Photo Ops" 

National Review

1.   Send Them Home

2.   Worse Than Katrina 

Washington Free Beacon

1.  Unaccompanied Alien Children Program Cost $263 Million Already This Year 


Top Liberal Stories of the Day:


The Daily Beast

1.   U.S. Ignored Warnings Before ISIS Takeover of a Key City

2.   Hillary's Outside Enforcers 

Talking Points Memo

1.   Science Was Irrelevant in Hobby Lobby

2.   GOP Governors Are Blowing Up Democracy


1. Americans Have Spent Enough Money on a Broken Plane to Buy Every Homeless Person a Mansion

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