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Morning Round-Up 7-8

By on 7.8.14 | 9:50AM

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

 1.  Israel Launches Military Offensive Against Gaza

 2.  Border Money Request Will Precede Policy Proposals



 1.  Behind Harry Reid's War against the Koch Brothers

 2.  Poll: Clinton Ahead, Paul leads GOP



 1.  Moscow Accuses United States of 'Kidnapping' Russian Hacker

 2.  Typhoon Neoguri Slams Japan


Wall Street Journal

 1.  Newly Insured Face Gaps In Coverage

 2.  Ukraine Advances, Putin Stays Silent


Washington Times

 1.  Reid Dominates Crippled Congress

 2.  Obama Takes Action on Recent Israel-Palestine Violence with Strongly Worded Letter


Top Conservative Stories of the Day:


The American Conservative

 1.   A Friendly Guide to the Democrat or Socialist Next Door

 2.  What is Ethical Conservatism?



 1.   Deportations of Illegal Minors Dropped 80 Percent Under Obama

 2.   Italian Mafia Insult, Challenge Pope


 The Daily Caller     

1.   Marijuana Stores to Finally Open in Washington

2.   Cantor's Office Begs House Republicans for Help Repaying Donors

1.   Sen Graham: Cut Off Aid to Countries That Don't Keep Their Illegal Kids Out of the US


National Review

1.   The World Cup is the Super Bowl for America Haters

2.   How the College Board Breeds Arrogance


Washington Free Beacon

  1.  Palestinian Rioters Bomb Jerusalem Light Rail


Top Liberal Stories of the Day:


The Daily Beast

  1.   Your Health Food's Hidden Sugar Bomb

  2.   Iraq VP to US: Stay Out of Our Civil War


Talking Points Memo

  1.   EPA: 'Coal Rolling' Is Illegal

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