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Morning Round-Up 7-2

By on 7.2.14 | 9:41AM

 Feature of the Day: How the Supreme Court Changed America This Year


Morning Headlines




Associated Press

1.   Suspected Revenge Killing Sparks Jerusalem Clashes

2.  Chechen in Syria a Rising Star in Extremist Group



1.   Poll: Obama Worst President Since

2.   WWII Vague Filing in Benghazi Case



1.   Anti-immigration Protestors Block Migrants in California   

2.   U.S. Private Sector Adds 281,000 Jobs in June: ADP


Wall Street Journal

1.   Ukraine Presses Ahead With Offensive

2.   Firms Eye Break in Iran Sanctions


Washington Times

1.  Patent Office Didn’t Receive a Single Complaint Before Stripping the Redskins of Patent

2.   Indictment of Suspect in Benghazi Attack Debunks the Obama Tale


Top Conservative Stories of the Day:


The American Conservatives

1.   Steven Reasons Police Brutality is Systematic, Not Anecdotal



1.  Exclusive: Rand Paul Lays Out Plan to Fix Border Crisis

2. Team McDaniel: We Have Found 3,300 Ineligible Votes  


 The Daily Caller     

1.   Lois Lerner Targeted Chuck Grassley

2.   Cochran Campaign Denies Buying Votes, Threatens Lawsuit

1.   Post-Hobby Lobby, Courts Grant Injunctions Against Obamacare Abortion Drug Rule for 7 Groups


National Review

1.   Hobby Lobby Doublethink

2.   Reforming the Reform


Washington Free Beacon

1.  U.S. Nuke Sites Dismantled Security to Save Money

2.   Obama Taunts Repubs: So Sue Me


Top Liberal Stories of the Day:


The Daily Beast

1.  Israel is Bombing the Wrong Country

2. The Conservative Case for Unions


Talking Points Memo

1.  ‘Religious Liberty’ Revisited in Hobby Lobby’s Wake



1. Women Allege Goldman Sachs Took Company Trips to Strip Clubs, Ignored Sexual Assault


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