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Morning Round-Up 7-1

By on 7.1.14 | 8:52AM

Feature of the Day: What Happens When a Prep School’s Black President Mocks Her White Male Classmate


Morning Headlines


Associated Press

1.   Hamas Member Killed After Israeli Teen Found Dead

2.   Birth Control Ruling Sparks Political Clash


1.   Samuel Alito’s Moment

2.   Obama’s Immigration Pivot

3.   Dems Quick to Fundraise Off Ruling



1.   Japan Takes Historic Step From Post-War Pacifism, Oks Fighting For Allies

2.   Ceasefire Over, Ukraine Forces Attack Rebel Positions 

 Washington Times

1.   Worse than Nixon? FOIA officers say Obama White House thwarting release of public information

2.   Obama: I will bypass Congress to fix  immigration

3.   U.S. firm to build Jetsons-like highway in the sky for Israel


Top Conservative Stories of the Day:


The American Conservative

1.   Iraq Vets Ask: Was It Worth It?

2.   How to Understand the ISIS Threat



1.  Democrat Pastor Accuses Thad Cochran Campaign of Vote-For-Pay Scheme

2.  Hillary Clinton on Hobby Lobby Ruling: Abortion is a 'Hard Choice'


 The Daily Caller     

1.   Megyn Kelly Blows Sandra Fluke's Arguments Away

2.   Rocky Mountain High: After 6 Months, Crime Down, Tax Revenue up in Colorado

1.   Obama Doubles the Number of U.S. Troops in Iraq

2.   Supreme Court Ruling Called 'Direct Attack on Women'


National Review

1.  Don't Mess with Messiahs: A word from the Whiner in Chief

2.   Why Government Isn't Working…and how to make it better.


Washington Free Beacon

1.   CIA Under Fire for Failure in Iraq

2.   NBC: ISIS Developing Advanced Bomb Making Skills, Bragging About It


Top Liberal Stories of the Day:


The Daily Beast

1.   Meet the Next 82 Hobby Lobby's

2.   Putin's Pilots Set to Fly Over Iraq


Talking Points Memo

1.   How Hillary Can Stand Apart From Obama: 'Get—Done'

2.   Reid: Boehner Killed Immigration Reform



1.   Why Today's Hobby Lobby Decision Actually Hurts People of Faith

2.   One Good Thing The Supreme Court Did For Gay Rights Today


Mother Jones

1.   Why the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Decision is the New Bush v. Gore

2.   Now Wall Street is Calling for Climate Sanity. Don't Expect the Right to Listen.

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