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Self-Satisfied Ear Mites

By on 6.23.14 | 12:08AM

At a much-covered hearing on IRS stonewalling of its vendetta against conservative groups, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan told IRS Commissioner John Koskinen — who has been unashamedly retailing that agency’s fantastical “the dog ate my emails” dodge — that he, Ryan, did not believe Koskinen.

Came Koskinen’s remarkable reply, “That’s the first time anybody has said they do not believe me.”

Well, John, if you plan to stick with the current incredible story, you better get used to not being believed. And if Americans don’t insist that this serious case of government abuse be sorted honestly, and offenders held responsible for their actions, Americans will have to get used to being pushed around by arrogant, self-satisfied government ear mites like Koskinen.

In an America where a powerful government agency like the IRS can cancel the First Amendment rights of people and groups that oppose those in power — as is clearly what has happened — then we need to change the flag. The stripes can stay, but the field of stars needs to be changed to a likeness of a bunch of bananas. And while we’re at it, we may consider changing the name of the chief executive officer from president to generalissimo.

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