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Senator Ron Johnson on the Liberal Addiction to Power

By on 6.20.14 | 11:53AM

Today in a speech to the Road to Majority Conference, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin gave a rousing speech that infused a conservative economic push with a cry for more freedom from federal intrusion.  

Johnson took shots at both Congress in general and the liberal mood of D.C.’s power-hungry elite. When discussing Congress's microscopic approval rating, he quipped, “That’s too high.” Slamming the Democrats, Johnson said, “The other side has been more interested in power. The Left wants to get America addicted to the government.”

Johnson concluded his speech with a positive message of peace during a time of war in the Middle East: “Very shortly after I was elected I went to Afghanistan and had unlimited access to talk to all the Afghani forces there. I went up to one and asked him why he was training. He said, ‘I’m doing for my nation, I want peace.’” Johnson finished, “I want peace. All Americans want peace.” 

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