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Boehner’s Confusion

By on 9.25.15 | 2:09PM

John Boehner announced earlier today that he’s leaving the post of Speaker of the House. During his remarks he made this stunner of a statement that shows, for those who didn’t believe it already, that it’s way past time for him to turn the gavel over. Be seated for this:

“The first job of any Speaker,” John said, “is to protect this institution that we all love.”

No, John, it is not! It. Is. Not. The first obligation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives is to the country, its security, its prosperity, and its cultural and spiritual health. The U.S. House of Representatives exists to ensure these things for the country. The country doesn’t exist for the care and convenience of the House and those who wish to carve out a comfortable career in it.

Trump Fighting the Good Fight? Not!

By on 9.25.15 | 11:46AM

In his latest on Donald Trump, my AmSpec colleague Jeff Lord praises The Donald as a fighter. Jeff writes, “What was Donald Trump doing just yesterday? He was fighting. Fighting with Fox. And before that? With Jorge Ramos. With Univision. With Megyn Kelly. With CNN. With Rosie O’Donnell.”

O.K., so we know who Donald Trump is fighting. But what exactly is Donald Trump fighting for?

The Donald makes for good TV. But so does the WWE. By this standards perhaps we should elect Vince McMahon or John Cena to the White House. I say this in all seriousness because we should consider Jeff’s assessment of the recently departed Scott Walker:

Meanwhile there was Scott Walker busy talking. He was talking… talking… talking. Here’s a sample Walker quote from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel a while back:

Boehner and Benghazi

By on 9.25.15 | 11:31AM

House Speaker John Boehner’s abrupt resignation brings to mind The American Spectator’s experiences with him. They have not been all that bad. In fact, one experience in 2014 was very good. It was in the aftermath of our report on the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens at Benghazi. In that report Jed Babbin and I chronicled how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had ignored the ambassador’s calls for beefed up security in Libya and around Benghazi. In fact she had weakened the security. We sent the report to Speaker Boehner along with a petition signed by notable figures asking for the Speaker to convene a Select Committee to inquire into the tragic event. In a matter of hours his aides notified us that our piece had had its effect. A Select Committee was being convened. In a matter of time Congressman Trey Gowdy was tapped to head it and we were off and running to investigate Hillary on yet another front. Perhaps we were not running as fast as we wanted, but in the months ahead I think we shall see real consequences.

Royals Clinch AL Central

By on 9.24.15 | 11:50PM

The Kansas City Royals have clinched the AL Central with a 10-4 victory over the Seattle Mariners. It marks the first time the Royals have won a division since winning the AL West in 1985. The Royals reached the post-season last year by way of the AL Wild Card and went on to win the AL pennant before losing the World Series in 7 games to the San Francisco Giants. 

A lot of people (myself included) thought the Royals were a fluke. The Royals are better than they were a year ago. They did battle with the Detroit Tigers in April and the Minnesota Twins in May, but would be in first place for good on June 9th. 

The Royals led the division by as many as 14 1/2 games on August 19th. September has actually been their worst month with a 9-13 mark. However, they won the Central by 11 games over the Twins.

First Ann Coulter Came For The Jews, Now It’s the Catholics’ Turn

By on 9.24.15 | 2:26PM

First it was “f---king Jews.” Now Ann Coulter has turned her attention to Catholics.

In response to a tweet from David Limbaugh who spoke in agreement with Catholics who object to Pope Francis’s economic critique, Coulter tweeted, “I’m an American and this is why our founders (not ‘immigrants’!) distrusted Catholics & wouldn’t make them citizens.”

Some might argue that she is merely being sarcastic. Please forgive me if I fail to see the sarcasm of “f---king Jews.” But if her comments about Catholics were an attempt at sarcasm, it might be useful if she attempted to demonstrate a rudimentary knowledge of American history.

Five Things You Might Have Missed About Pope Francis’s Visit

By on 9.24.15 | 12:44PM

The news media seems content to use Pope Francis's visit as a way to hammer on Republicans who, to them, "oppose" the Pope's agenda, including environmentalism, support for immigration and solving income inequality. Now, while that assumption is objectively incorrect — most Republicans aren't opposed to such things, just the government's role (and, by extension, the government's presumed effectiveness) in solving such problems — coverage of Papal activities that don't conveniently fit with the media narrative of "today's progressive Pope" has fallen by the wayside.

Far from the liberal prophet he's been proclaimed to be since stepping foot on American soil, the Pope, who will make some 18 speeches in the course of his visit, has encouraged deep and critical thinking about both the cultural and political state of the American nation. Here are a few details of the Pope's visit that have somehow escaped the roving eye of the Fourth Estate, but might put much of what the Pope has said on his visit into context:

The Year of Educational Choice Continues

By on 9.24.15 | 10:06AM

This is the sixth post in a series covering the advance of educational choice legislation across the country this year. As of my last update in early July, there were 17 new or expanded choice programs in 14 states. On Friday, North Carolina lawmakers finally passed a long-overdue budget that expanded the state’s two school voucher programs for low-income and special-needs students, bringing the total number to 19 new or expanded programs in 15 states. The updated tally is below.

DNC Says Marco Rubio is a Nazi, Basically

By on 9.23.15 | 6:52PM

Marco Rubio spent Yom Kippur with a wealthy donor in Florida who has an incredible art and literature collection, spanning hundreds of years, with works by some of the greatest artistic - and political - figures in history, including Claude Monet, Winston Churchill, Auguste Renoir, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Adolf Hitler. The collection spans an entire wing of his mansion, employs two librarians (one full-time and one part-time), cost millions to maintain, and operates, generally, as a museum.

So naturally, Marco Rubio stepping foot into the house - not the museum wing but the house itself - means he's a Nazi sympathizer. According to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC, at least, that is.


Be careful, everyone. Next time you step into a library with a copy of Mein Kampf, you, too, could be mistaken for a Nazi. Heaven forbid they also have a couple of his tablecloths. 

Joe Biden Now Top Presidential Choice for 25% of Dems

By on 9.23.15 | 6:10PM

Joe Biden has finally cracked the ten point mark behind Hillary Clinton, and it's looking increasingly like he's the top choice for most Democrats.

Hillary Clinton has all but disappeared from public view of late, as the State Department and FBI continue their quest to glean every last email from her erstwhile bathroom server and Bernie Sanders has remained trapped in the indie concert circuit, so Joe has had plenty of time to ascend through the ranks. Even though the numbers seem to demonstrate that he's the candidate of "please just someone other than Hillary," his opportunity is looking sharper ever day

Clinton, once the prohibitive front-runner, is now the top choice of 33 percent of registered Democrats and those who lean Democrat, the poll shows. Biden places second with 25 percent and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is at 24 percent…

Obama Pledges to Pope to Support Religious Liberty

By on 9.23.15 | 2:36PM

This morning, Barack Obama welcomed Pope Francis to the White House, holding a joint press conference on the White House lawn before hosting a meet and greet with several thousand guests. As expected, the Pope didn't bring out the big guns on any open objection to Obama Administration policy - he is, after all, a global leader, and will probably restrict his suggestions on policymaking to tomorrow's address to Congress - but he did ask the President to take religious freedom seriously. 

The President, of course, didn't seem to quite understand the request.