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Mitt and Marriage

By on 1.2.07 | 10:36AM

We'll find out later today whether the Massachusetts legislature hands Romney a last-minute victory on same-sex marriage that may bolster his credentials among social conservatives. Legislators are grappling with a proposed constitutional amendment to repeal gay marriage in the commonwealth. The voter-initiated amendment has more than the 50 votes it needs to put it closer to being on the state ballot in 2008, but the majority has been opting to block its consideration.

Yet a Supreme Judicial Court decision sought by Romney may change that. The SJC -- the same body that imposed gay marriage in the Goodridge v. Department of Health decision -- ruled that although they lacked the constitutional authority to force the legislature to act, legislators do have a constitutional duty to vote on the petition. The Boston Globe reports that the decision has some same-sex marriage proponents reconsidering their obstructionist tactics. If the proposed amendment moves forward, Romney's uphill fight at the SJC will be the major reason. Stay tuned.

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