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Madness in Moncton

By on 6.6.14 | 12:49PM

As you probably know, three Royal Canadian Mounted Police were murdered and two other RCMP officers were injured in Moncton, New Brunswick, by a man wearing fatigues. It took more than 24 hours to find and arrest 24-year old Justin Bourque who surrendered unarmed (although weapons were located near where the arrest took place). 
During those 24 plus hours, Moncton shut down public transporation system and was effectively on lockdown. I couldn't help think about what happened here in Boston and Watertown on April 19, 2013, when the Tsarnaevs were on the loose. 
Moncton isn't without gun crime. Indeed, along with Halifax, Nova Scotia, Moncton had the highest rate of violent firearms offenses in all of Canada in 2012. Nevertheless, it isn't everyday that three RCMP officers are murdered and this would be shocking news in any Canadian community.
It is a cold reminder there are bad people everywhere in the world who will do bad things to other people irrespective of the gun laws in place.

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