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Morning Round-Up 6-3

By on 6.3.14 | 9:01AM

Feature of the Day: Modern-Day Slavery in America’s Prison Workforce

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Seattle Raises Minimum Wage; Will Others Follow?
  2. Immigrants Fueling a US Boom in Cricket
  3. Amid War and Shelling, Syrians Vote for President


  1. President Obama goes rogue on Gitmo
  2. Primary day: The 7 key questions
  3. Securing the American Character


  1. Republicans demand hearings in Congress over soldier’s release
  2. Obama administration to work with Palestinian unity government
  3. Libya’s new premier Maiteeq takes office amid strife

Wall Street Journal

  1. Sealed Court Files Obscure Rise in Electronic Surveillance
  2. Veterans Affairs Hospitals Vary Widely in Patient Care
  3. Obama Calls for $1 Billion Europe Security Fund

Washington Post

  1. In Silicon Valley, tech titans try to replace longtime Democratic congressman
  2. Iowa’s 35 percent rule…and 4 other bizarre ways states pick their nominees
  3. Republicans have a mandate for their Benghazi probe

Washington Times

  1. Army to investigate desertion claims against Bergdahl: Gen. Martin Dempsey
  2. Exclusive: Pentagon knew Bergdahl’s whereabouts but didn’t risk rescue for ‘deserter’
  3. GSA exec with top-secret clearance didn’t disclose China trip, past felonies

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. Consumed by Corruption
  2. Bowe Bergdahl Further Polarizes American Politics


  1. Cochran’s Last Stand? Appears at Rally with Polls Opening Tomorrow
  2. CA-33: Republican Elan Carr Launches Jobs Message on Eve of Primary

 The Daily Caller     

  1. Pentagon Official: Why Obama Made the Taliban Trade
  2. VA Hospital Axed Veteran Programs While Approving $1 Million in Bonuses

  1. State Dept. Admits Husband of Christian Sentenced to Die in Sudan is U.S. Citizen; Won’t Say If His Jailed Infant and Toddler Are Americans, Too
  2. Pope Francis: ‘The Devil Wants to Destroy’ the Family

National Review

  1. Our Future is 1979
  2. A Questionable Deal

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Collision Course: Russian jet nearly collides with U.S. surveillance aircraft in ‘reckless’ intercept in Asia
  2. Grimes to Fundraise with Reid After Bashing Obama Admin Coal Rules

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. White House Changes Tune on Bergdahl, Says He Was a ‘Prisoner of War’
  2. How Obama Convinced His Spies to Support the Taliban Prisoner Release

Talking Points Memo

  1. Obama: We Consulted Congress About Possibility of Prisoner Swap
  2. Do Dems Have a Shot in Mississippi If Tea Party Candidate Wins?


    1. Eight Things You Should Know About the Biggest Thing A President’s Ever Done on Climate Change  

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