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Obama Admin Legitimizes Hamas

By on 6.2.14 | 8:54PM

I am not at all surprised that the Obama Administration would sooner recognize Hamas as part of a Palestinian unity government than it would recognize Israel as a Jewish state. It would be in character of an administration that just traded five senior Taliban officials for a POW who, according to his fellow soldiers, deserted them.

The Obama Administration’s decision to legitimize Hamas comes only 2 1/2 months after flip-flopping on whether to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. So the Obama Administration not only won’t recognize Israel as a Jewish state, but has now recognized Hamas whose sole purpose for being is to eradicate the Jewish state.

The legitimacy is only just beginning. Apparently, the new Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah will be visiting D.C. later this month to have an audience with President Obama and to visit Capitol Hill. I can only hope that Congress will see fit to boycott any visit by Hamdallah. It would both demonstrate that Israel is not without friends and that a majority of Americans have a dim view of the Obama Administration legitimizing a terrorist organization.

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