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MLB to Investigate Marlins Pitcher Jarred Cosart Over Gambling

By on 3.25.15 | 1:06PM

According to The Miami New Times, MLB is launching an investigation of Miami Marlins starting pitcher Jarred Cosart concerning gambling.

The investigation was launched because of activity on Cosart's Twitter account in which he allegedly sought advice on gambling. After this created a Twitterstorm, Cosart subsequently deleted his account although it appears he has launched a new Twitter account in which he claims his old account was hacked and that he would not bet on baseball. However, the new Twitter account has not been directly confirmed by Cosart as of this writing.

Although I suppose MLB has to look into this, it looks like weak tea to me. The messages involved anonymous Twitter accounts. They do not demonstrate that Cosart actually made any bets. If it does turn out that Cosart gambles then there's a good chance he is betting on sports other than baseball. I think it's far more likely that people are betting on college hoops than spring training games.

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Senate Votes Down Obama Budget, 98-1.

By on 3.25.15 | 12:56PM

What was it I said yesterday about the solution to partisan politics being united against Obama's nonsense? Seems like the theory works.

The Senate, which has, admittedly, been loathe to pass a budget even when they agree on stuff, joined hands in a bipartisan bear hug yesterday to vote down the model budget that the Obama White House presented to them just a few short weeks ago. And while they have yet to come up with a solid idea of their own, they know, at least, that there's no way in hell that Barack Obama is getting everything - or anything - he wants.

Senators on Tuesday opposed an amendment that would have swapped out the Republican budget with the one rolled out by President Obama earlier this year. 

The amendment failed by a 1-98 vote, with Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) voting for the amendment. 


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The Iranian Mullahs Should Hire This Guy To Do Their PR Work

By on 3.25.15 | 10:51AM

What never ceases to amaze me is the ability of so-called peace organizations to not only take the word of America's adversaries at face value, but to act as outright apologists for them. Case in point. Kevin Martin who is the Executive Director of Peace Action titled "Which is The More Responsible Nuclear Nation - Iran, Israel or the United States?" It doesn't take long to figure out where Martin's sympathies are:

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Obama Snubs New NATO Secretary General

By on 3.25.15 | 9:51AM

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is in DC and President Obama won't meet with him. Stoltenberg has met with virtually every other head of government in the NATO alliance and completed a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday in Ottawa where they discussed the situation in Ukraine as well as Canada's proposed expansion of its mission against ISIS into Syria which is to be debated in Canada's House of Commons tomorrow. Although Stoltenberg requested a meeting with Obama, the White House did not reply. Instead, Stoltenberg had to settle for a sit down with new Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

I guess Obama is too busy vilifying Israel to spare a few a minutes with Stoltenberg. The former Norwegian Prime Minister took office in October.

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Romney: Hell Hath No Fury Like Obama Scorned

By on 3.25.15 | 8:42AM

During an interview with FNC's Neil Cavuto, Mitt Romney reacted to President Obama's increasing vitriol towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by stating, "What first comes to mind is that hell hath no fury like Obama scorned."

Now if only Romney had been this sassy after the first debate then there's a good chance we wouldn't be in this sorry state of affairs.

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Ted Cruz Forced Onto Obamacare

By on 3.24.15 | 8:42PM

Ted Cruz's wife has to go on an unpaid leave from her job at Goldman Sachs while he is on the campaign trail. As a result, Ted Cruz will lose the awesome health insurance that Goldman Sachs provides to the spouses of its workers, and will now be forced onto the Obamacare insurance exchange, where he will have to struggle, tooth and nail, against the faceless Affordable Care Act bureaucracy for subpar health insurance like we all do. 

Thanks, Obama. No, literally.

Ted Cruz, one of the loudest critics of Obamacare, will soon be using it for health insurance coverage.

"We will presumably go on the exchange and sign up for health care, and we're in the process of transitioning over to do that," Cruz, a Republican candidate for president, told The Des Moines Register on Tuesday.

Cruz's wife, Heidi, is going on an unpaid leave of absence from her job at Goldman Sachs to join Cruz full time on the campaign trail, Cruz told the Register.

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Obama Gets The Name of Afghanistan’s New President Wrong & a Pin Drops

By on 3.24.15 | 6:31PM

During a joint White House press conference, President Obama referred to new Afghan President Ashraf Ghani as his predecessor, Hamid Karzai.

Given that we still have nearly 10,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, you would think Obama might want to remember the name of the country's elected President.

Or let me put it another way. How would Obama have reacted if a world leader called him President Bush? 

Barack Obama is still presented as a man too smart for this country. Yet this hasn't stopped him from claiming he visited 57 states with one to go, refering to corpsman as "corpsemen", referring to The Malvinas as The Maldives and declaring he was on Asian soil when he was speaking in Hawaii.

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The Presidential Florist Has Been Escorted from the White House

By on 3.24.15 | 5:26PM

I wouldn't normally go to the Washington Post's "Style" section for insight into the inner workings of the Obama Administration, but since they blew the lid off the soon-to-be-former Rep. Aaron Schock case with their expose on his Downton Abbey-themed office space, resulting an investigation into his finances that may now lead to Federal charges, I find the fluff worth checking. 

And today, it revealed an administration scandal of epic proportions: the Presidential florist has been unceremoniously escorted from the White House and the Administration has been left utterly adrift as they search for a replacement in time for the upcoming State Dinner with the Japanese Prime Minister. And DC is just swirling with speculation.

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Hillary Now Thinks This Email Thing is Hilarious

By on 3.24.15 | 5:13PM

If you're keeping score, based on familiarity with the Clinton playbook, we have now delightfully exited the "pretend nothing is wrong" phase of Hillary Clinton's private email scandal and we've moved into the "joke about it as though it's funny" phase.

If you recall, this closely mirror's Bill Clinton's response to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, where, after denying his scandal under oath and then recanting it, embraced his public personal as a lovable, yet kind of creepy oaf, bound to haplessly follow the edicts of his nether regions: "Oh, that's just Bill!" and "Did someone say Colombian prostitutes?" Hillary is following suit. Fresh off her UN press conference, where she revealed her own technological vulnerability, as well as her abject commitment to the feminist principle of always playing too dumb to know what's going on, she's confident the situation has been completely resolved. And so, on to the jokes.

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Obama Admin Continues Its Assault on Israel

By on 3.24.15 | 4:57PM

The Obama Administration continues its assault on Israel.

Consider the remarks of White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough yesterday when he addressed J Street, the Jewish anti-Israel group which is viewed to be Left's answer to AIPAC. Here is how McDonough questioning Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's commitment to a two-state solution:

After the election, the Prime Minister said that he had not changed his position, but for many in Israel and in the international community, such contradictory comments call into question his commitment to a two-state solution, as did his suggestion that the construction of settlements has a strategic purpose of dividing Palestinian communities and his claim that conditions in the larger Middle East must be more stable before a Palestinian state can be established. We cannot simply pretend that those comments were never made, or that they don’t raise questions about the Prime Minister’s commitment to achieving peace through direct negotiations.

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