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Edwards’s ‘New’ Focus

By on 12.29.06 | 8:36AM

John Edwards is running for president, and "charting a different course," according to Associated Press:

He's claiming an edge in experience over potential rivals who seem to have momentum.

"There's a maturity that comes with going through and being tested in the spotlight of a national campaign," Edwards said Thursday, alluding to his experience two years ago as the Democratic vice presidential nominee.

So, a single Senate term devoid of any significant policy achievement and one failed campaign for president/vice president count as valuable experience. "I'm mature; I'm a failure!"

Meanwhile, he's quitting his other "job:"

Former Sen. John Edwards has resigned as director of the poverty center he founded at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill so that he can focus on his second run for president.

That would be the job that also enabled him to focus on his second run for president. In other words, nothing is really going to change other than he won't be getting paid by North Carolina taxpayers to run for president.

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