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Morning Round-Up 5-22

By on 5.22.14 | 9:07AM

Feature of the Day: Adrift: As NASA seeks next mission, Russia holds the trump card

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Census: Texas Has 3 of 5 Fast-Growing Cities


  1. How Republicans lose by winning
  2. How Congress is hollowing out the military
  3. Steyer’s PAC targets 7 races for November


  1. Colorado tightens control on marijuana edibles, concentrates
  2. More Californians want to pay debt than boost social services—poll
  3. Damascenes fear Assad election will provoke rebel onslaught

Wall Street Journal

  1. FDA Advisory on Surgical Device Divides Doctors
  2. Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer Auditions as Hillary Clinton’s Populist Challenger
  3. U.S. Steps Up Nigeria Effort as Stricken City Calms
  4. Limited Medical Care Access Makes Lebanon’s Syrian Refugees Vulnerable

Washington Times

  1. Obama transition team was told about 3 audits showing VA misreported wait times
  2. Boehner says Obama move on N.M monument could thwart immigration reform
  3. Pelosi names five Democratic members to Benghazi panel

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. Mossad Meets Resistance
  2. Are Food Trucks Good for Community?


  1. First Dems Call for VA Chief Shinseki to Resign
  2. Eric Cantor Supports ‘Principle’ of Enlist Act, Says Bill Not Dead

 The Daily Caller     

  1. Democratic Senator: Many People Oppose Obamacare Because They’re Racist
  2. Krauthammer: VA Scandal ‘Totally Dissolves’ Idea of ‘Yes We Can’

  1. Blunt on Christian Facing Martyrdom in Sudan: ‘She Is Wife of U.S. Citizen’
  2. Pope Francis Against Gay Adoption: ‘Every Person Needs a Male Father and a Female Mother’

National Review

  1. The Cloud in the Machine
  2. Don’t Nationalize the VA’s Failures

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Russia Shifts to China After Ukraine Crisis
  2. Israeli Arab Christians Joining Israeli Army in Greater Numbers

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

 The Daily Beast

  1. Inside a Hollywood Hit Job: How James O’Keefe Tried and Tried to Sting His Latest Victim
  2. These Clinton Haters Can’t Quit the Crazy

Talking Points Memo

  1. Fox News Anchor Arrested After Incident At Minneapolis Airport Bar
  2. Supreme Court Halts Execution of Missouri Inmate


     1. Pope Francis Makes Biblical Case for Addressing Climate Change: ‘If We Destroy Creation, Creation Will Destroy Us’

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