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I’m Reading a Book About Marx

By on 5.19.14 | 7:27PM

Ben Brophy has the latest list of books various folks here at The American Spectator are reading. 
Well, right now I'm reading about a book about Marx. That would be Groucho Marx. Karl just isn't very funny.
To be precise I am reading Hello, I Must Be Going: Groucho and His Friends by Charlotte Chandler. Published in 1978, Chandler documents the last few years of Groucho's life through interactions with various friends including Bill Cosby, George Burns, Elliott Gould, Jack Lemmon, Jack Nicholson, Mike Nichols, Woody Allen and Julius Epstein (who co-wrote Casablanca, his grandnephew is Chicago Cubs President Theo Epstein). 
Groucho's career was going through a resurgence including appearances at Carnegie Hall and at the re-release of Animal Crackers with the help of his controversial young companion, Erin Fleming. Still, who but Groucho could not only get away with not wearing a tie at New York's 21 restaurant, but make everyone in the restaurant take off theirs?
Even in his final years, Groucho's wit remained sharp and few dared to cross swords with him. Why cross swords with a man who shot an elephant in his pajamas? How the elephant got in there we still don't know. And don't try to remove the tusks unless you're in Alabama, because the Tuscaloosa. I'll quit now because I don't want this post to become "ir-elephant".
This is what happens when you read a book about Marx.

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