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Hillary Wants to Be President More Than Life Itself

By on 5.19.14 | 12:50PM

Yesterday, during his appearance on NBC's Meet the Press, RNC Chair Reince Priebus cast doubt as to whether Hillary Clinton would run for President in 2016 based on the bad month she has had. 
This could be a case of wishful thinking on Priebus’s part. After all, bad months can quickly turn into good ones. 
But it might also be the case that Priebus is vastly underestimating Hillary’s ambition. This is a woman who wants to be a historical figure and the surest way to becoming a historical figure is to become the first woman elected President of the United States. She has been working towards this goal for nearly her entire adult life. Why would she stop this pursuit now? 2008 was supposed to be her time. But then along came Barack Obama who beat the Clintons at their own game. Hillary Clinton wants to be President more than life itself and 2016 is most likely her last viable shot at the job. 
There is certainly no guarantee that Hillary will be elected President, much less win the nomination, but short of drawing her last breath, it is guaranteed Hillary will run in 2016. It won’t serve Republicans well if Priebus is operating on the assumption that Hillary isn’t seeking the White House.

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