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Morning Round-Up 5-14

By on 5.14.14 | 9:58AM

Feature of the Day: The Undefeated Champions of Defeat City

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. A Look At Allegations of Cover-Ups At VA Hospitals
  2. Sallie Mae, Justice Department in $60M Settlement
  3. Consumers Losing Doctors With New Insurance Plans


  1. Who watches the watchers? Big Data goes unchecked
  2. Rove vs. Clinton
  3. Nebraska a rare win for outside groups


  1. New York’s September 11 Memorial Museum readies for its close-up
  2. U.S. judge overturns Idaho ban on gay marriage

Wall Street Journal

  1. Nigerian Militant Makes a Name for Himself Through Terror
  2. U.S. Backs Off Tight Mortgage Rules
  3. U.S. Household Debt Increases

Washington Times

  1. Trey Gowdy brings reputation of legal skills, bipartisan praise to Benghazi panel
  2. Nice work if you can get it: Federal workers keep jobs despite blatant misconduct
  3. Tea Party favorite Ben Sasse wins bruising Nebraska GOP primary

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. The Party of Innovation
  2. Rule by the Very Few


  1. Tea Party Victory in West Virginia Republican Congressional Primary
  2. €1.2 BN French Helicopter-Carrier Deal Will Help Russia Win Wars in ’40 Mins’

 The Daily Caller     

  1. CDC Official ‘Gets Very Worked Up’ By Interview Request From Conservatives
  2. Immigration Enforcement Isn’t Smart, Obama Says

  1. Federal Tax Revenues Set Record Through April
  2. French Foreign Minister: ‘We Have 500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos’

National Review

  1. Brown-ian Motions
  2. Why Jeb Bush’s Turn May Not Come

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Tensions Mount in South China Sea Dispute Over Chinese Oil Drilling
  2. Separatists Kill Seven Ukraine Soldiers in Heaviest Loss for Kiev Forces

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. New Benghazi Investigation Spooks GOP Leaders
  2. Did the GOP Just Set the Table for Rand Paul?  

Talking Points Memo

  1. GOP’s Incredible Disappearing Quest to Repeal Obamacare
  2. From Friends to Foes: How the Hillary Machine Will Deal With Dem Attacks


     1. Senate Candidate: Government Has No Business Setting a Minimum Wage

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