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Wild Thing Tossed

By on 5.13.14 | 12:14PM

Breitbart is reporting that former Major League relief pitcher and current MLB-TV analyst Mitch Williams was tossed from his 10-year-old son’s Little League game Saturday for referring to the home plate umpire as a rude two-word expression, the first word of which is “mother.” Williams says the umpire provoked him first by yelling at him.

The Breitbart piece features an amusing photo of the six-foot, three-inch Williams, whose sobriquet when he pitched was “Wild Thing,” in the grill of a shorter umpire whose eyes are as wide as those of someone being pursued by a possessed Weed-Eater. 

Intimidated or no, the ump had his way and Mitch was gone. Apparently word has not reached our Mitch that there is no swearing in baseball, at least in games where the players are barely above a grown man’s waist and neighborhood moms are missing their favorite soaps to attend. Plenty of time later for the language of the Grand Old Game to take on more color.


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