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Nissan’s Eerie Super Bowl Commercial Featuring Harry Chapin

By on 2.1.15 | 11:12PM

As much I love Harry Chapin's music, I was overcome with an eerie feeling when I saw "Cats in the Cradle" being used in a Nissan commercial.

The theme of the commercial was "With Dad". The father in question is a race car driver who doesn't spend a lot of time with his son. In one scene he is involved in a car crash from which he walks away.

But when I watched the car crash I asked my roommate, "Don't these people know that Harry Chapin died in a car crash?"

Apparently, I'm not the only one who had a squeamish reaction.

If nothing else perhaps more people will become curious about Chapin's music.

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Patriots Win 1st Super Bowl in 10 Years

By on 2.1.15 | 10:55PM

The New England Patriots have won their fourth Super Bowl under the dynamic duo of Belichik and Brady and their first in a decade beating the Seattle Seahawks 28-24.

The Pats were down 24-14 in the fourth quarter and, well, Brady did his magic by throwing TD passes to Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman. In so doing, Brady passed Joe Montana on the all-time Super Bowl TD passes list.

But with scarcely a minute in the game, it looked like Seahawks would win when Jermaine Kearse somehow caught a Russell Wilson pass that kept bouncing around but never hit the ground. Pats fans were having flashbacks to David Tyree.

But Pats rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler intercepted a Wilson pass in the end zone to deny the Seahawks back to back Super Bowl titles. Pats win. Tom Brady was named Super Bowl XLIX MVP for the third time joining Joe Montana in that achievement. Brady also joins Montana and Terry Bradshaw as the only QBs to win four Super Bowls. Belichick also joins Chuck Knoll as the only head coaches to win four Super Bowls.

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Scott Walker Tops Iowa Poll

By on 2.1.15 | 1:33AM

One year from today the Iowa Caucus takes place. 

According to a new poll conducted by the Des Moines Register and Bloomberg, Scott Walker leads GOP hopefuls wih 15% narrowly leading Rand Paul. Mitt Romney, who announced on Friday that he would not be running in 2016, finished third in the poll

It just goes to show that a week in politics is a lifetime. A week ago, Walker shone at the Iowa Freedom Summit prompting Republicans to give him a further look. So far Republicans like what they see.

But if a week is a lifetime then a year is an eternity. It's possible that Walker is peaking too soon. Yet I suspect that Walker will have staying power. If he can weather the storm of angry union supporters occupying the Wisconsin State Capitol and accosting him and his family in public then he can certainly endure the peaks and valleys of the Republican caucus/primary season.

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Get Well Soon Michael Medved

By on 2.1.15 | 1:17AM

On Friday, Michael Medved announced he was taking a leave of absence from his radio program revealing that he was undergoing treatment for throat cancer.

Medved, 66, was diagnosed in December and expects to complete his treatments at the end of February. 

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and a swift return to the airwaves.

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Did You Know Ernie Banks Was a Republican?

By on 2.1.15 | 1:07AM

On Saturday, I watched Ernie Banks' funeral on the MLB Network.

Among those who spoke were Hall of Fame teammates Billy Williams, Ferguson Jenkins and Lou Brock (who began his career as a Cub) as well as newly elected Illinois GOP Governor Bruce Rauner and Jesse Jackson.

Then there was Chicago businessman John Rogers who made a point of saying that Banks and his mother were part of a rare breed - black Republicans. 

I knew that Banks had supported George W. Bush's re-election bid. But I was not aware that he had run for Chicago City Council in 1963 as a Republican. Alas, Richard Daley's Democrat machine saw to it that Banks wasn't elected. I'm sure many of those who voted against Banks resided in cemeteries.

Then again Ernie Banks didn't require public office to make Chicago a better place.

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If The Taliban Attack on American Civilians at Kabul Airport Isn’t Terrorism Then What Is It?

By on 1.30.15 | 5:25PM

In the space of 48 hours, the Obama Administration has gone from saying the Taliban isn't a terrorist organization to refusing to call its attack on the Kabul Airport which killed three American civilian contractors an act of terrorism.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters today, "Obviously any attack that kills contractors – that kills individuals who are working there in harms way — is horrific and a tragedy. But I’m not gonna put new labels on it today.” (H/T Brendan Bordelon at NRO).

New labels? Since when is terrorism a new label?

Will it be another 48 hours before Susan Rice goes on TV to say the attack at the Kabul Airport was a spontaneous reaction to American Sniper?

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Romney’s Decision Not To Run Is For The Best

By on 1.30.15 | 1:10PM

When Jeb Bush flew to Utah to meet with Mitt Romney a little over a week ago, I didn't think Romney would end up bowing out of the race despite Bush's efforts to persuade him.

But when Romney's top donors and one of his top advisers defected to Bush, I guess Romney got the message.

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Romney Will Not Run in 2016

By on 1.30.15 | 11:26AM

Mitt Romney has announced that he will not seek the Republican party's nomination a third time

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will not run for president in 2016.

Three weeks after unexpectedly saying he was considering a third campaign for the White House, the former Massachusetts governor told members of his staff during a Friday conference call that he is out of race.

Romney jumped back into the presidential discussion on Jan. 10, when he told a small group of former donors in New York that he was eyeing another White House run.

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Kerry Fined for Not Shoveling Sidewalk

By on 1.29.15 | 11:44PM

Secretary of State John Kerry has been fined by the City of Boston for not clearing the sidewalk in front of his Beacon Hill home from this week's snowstorm.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. What with Kerry telling us last week that Islam doesn't motivate Muslim terrorists and comparing the plight of European Muslims to that of African-Americans in The South during the '60s, he's been very busy shoveling something else.

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