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Is It Such a Bad Thing if Kanye West Fans Don’t Know Who Paul McCartney Is?

By on 1.5.15 | 3:20PM

Earlier today, I listened to "Only One", the new single by Kanye West featuring Paul McCartney released on New Year's. It is quite good.

Now the big story coming out of all this are the tweets from Kanye West fans who claim they've never heard of the former Beatle. One such tweet described the 72-year old McCartney as a "newcomer."

However, Joe Lynch at Billboard points out that a lot of those folks on Twitter have a good handle on The Beatles and they were only joking.

I'm inclined to agree with Lynch and I would further add that it is fair to say that most people under the age of 18 know who The Beatles are in no small part to the record collections of their parents or grandparents.

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Watch Chris Christie Lose the Michigan GOP Primary

By on 1.5.15 | 1:25PM

Never mind the other consequences of this video. Just enjoy the unqualifed awkwardness of the moment Chris Christie group-hugs away his chances at winning Michigan's 2016 GOP Primary with the Dallas Cowboys leadership team.

I'm not going to philosophize over the NFL officiating that lead to the Cowboys victory, though I have to say, they do seem to know who throws the best bus parties. As a lifelong Lions fan, I expect to be disappointed in the post-season, if not the regular season, and the pre-season, and that part of the year where the entire team is golfing in Florida instead of working out. And had the Lions showed up for their game last night, officiating might not have even mattered. My only concern is that now I have to root for Green Bay next week, and that Jeb Bush is the only front-runner with state management experience.

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PETA Trades Barbs With Palin, Confuses Her With Tina Fey Again

By on 1.5.15 | 12:51PM

Over the New Year's holiday, PETA, which is not typically known for having all of its marbles together in a single place to begin with, lost whatever remains of its collection over a photo of Sarah Palin's son Trig balancing on a rather large dog in order to reach something at counter level in her kitchen. Depsite the fact that the dog was clearly used to it, that the child couldn't not weigh even half of what the dog weighs and that Ellen DeGeneres, PETA's celebrity of the year, posted an almost-identical photo months earlier, PETA insisted that Palin was committing animal abuse. 

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If Huckabee Runs, We All Lose

By on 1.5.15 | 12:08PM

Aaron is much more conciliatory toward, and much less overtly terrified at the thought of a Mike Huckabee Presidential campaign. I do not share his remarkable confidence that our esteemed electorate will not happily embrace the guitar-toting Southern progressive with what is left of their hearts and minds after a long and arduous primary season.

People, let's be real. Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum for that matter, aren't really Republicans. I mean, as a RINO heathen, I can obviously spot another of my species, and these two are it, though, while I'm teetering on the edge of full social anarchy, these two are the type of moderate Democrat who thinks that it would be totally appropriate to pass out a national survey on sex lives and nutritional habits, and then follow up with state-mandate counseling sessions if you so much as mentioned a Lover's Lane catalog or a preference for chicken nuggets. And while I ascribe to Rick Santorum's traditionalist Catholic religious beliefs, I can't honestly say I support someone who would create that much paperwork.

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Boehner Faces Challengers for Speaker, Sort Of

By on 1.5.15 | 11:57AM

I had a bit of fun over the weekend on Twitter teasing people who were absolutely convinced that Rep. Louie Gohmert was going to unseat Rep. John Boehner as Speaker of the House. Because honestly, while I can't stand John Boehner any more than, well, the next person who can't stand John Boehner, it's unlikely that any real challenge to his leadership, launched on Friday for an election on Tuesday, is anything more than a publicity stunt. And while Louie Gohmert may be skilled at instructing the administration to keep their aspersions off his asparagus, he's not quite what I'd consider leadership material, at least in Congress. In a game of Capture the Flag against ISIS, I'd elect him in a heartbeat.

But, despite House Leadership being mostly settled back in November, it seems we will still be in for something of a fight tomorrow

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NYPD Were Right to Turn Their Backs on de Blasio

By on 1.5.15 | 9:50AM

I am not surprised that many of the NYPD rank and file once again turned their backs on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio during yesterday's funeral of Officer Wenjian Liu despite a memo from NYPD Police Commissioner William Bratton requesting his officers not do so.

It seems to me that turning one's back on an elected official is a far more civil form of protest than chanting for dead cops.

If Mayor de Blasio wants to get respect from the NYPD then he must give them respect. Given his blanket denunication of his own police force following the decision of a Staten Island grand jury last month not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner, his encouragement of anti-police protests and his failure to condemn protesters for calling for dead cops, de Blasio has only himself to blame for the reception he has received from the NYPD in recent weeks.

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So I Finally Got Around To Seeing The Interview

By on 1.4.15 | 9:05PM

This afternoon I went to the Somerville Theater to see The Interview and I am glad to report that Davis Square is still standing. 

I was initially not planning to see this movie because I thought it looked really stupid. Then came the hacking threats and the subsequent decision of the theater chains not to show it and then Sony's decision to withdraw the film from distribution. It then became a matter of principle for me to see it in public.

Of course, Sony reversed itself. I know there are people who thing this whole thing was an elaborate publicity stunt. But if that's the case then why is it only been shown in the indy theaters?

But once The Interview was released, I had to back up my words and see it. I didn't want to see it because I still thought it would be stupid. Well, I am pleased to report that it exceeded all my expectations. It is in the tradition of Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator. Seth Rogen was far less annoying than usual. 

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The Tampa Bay Remainder Table

By on 1.4.15 | 2:14PM

It appears more and more like the Tampa Bay Rays are determined to dump Ben Zobrist, one of the most productive, versatile, and popular players in franchise history. For more prospects, one presumes. If Zobrist goes, he would follow in the tradition of fine players the Rays have developed but then were too poor to keep. (See David Price, James Shields, et al.)

If the Rays insist on ditching game-ready major leaguers for minor leaguers with their modest pay packets, truth in advertising requires a team name change. I hereby submit a few suggestions. Perhaps alert TAS readers have other possibilities they would be willing to share: (Try to keep it clean and above the belt, please.)

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A Thought for Sailor Gutzler

By on 1.4.15 | 1:21AM

I've never been in a car crash (knock on wood) never mind a plane crash (knock on more wood). But if I was in a plane crash, was the sole survivor but had broken bones and hypothermia, I don't know if I could do what 7-year old Sailor Gutzler managed to do after her father's private plane crashed in Kentucky killing both her parents, her sister and a cousin.

I'm not sure how many adults would have been able to use the fire emanating from the plane as a guiding light, walk through nearly a mile worth of terrain both unfamiliar and rugged to safety. Yet somehow this little girl did it.

And thank goodness for the kindness of Larry Wilkins who provided comfort when she needed it the most. 

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Huckabee Leaves FNC; Pondering Another Presidential Run

By on 1.3.15 | 9:44PM

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has announced that he is leaving the Fox News Channel. Since late 2008, Huckabee has hosted a weekend show on FNC following his upstart run for the GOP nomination earlier that year. Huckabee is once again pondering another White House bid in 2016 and is expected to make a decision by the spring. 

My guess is that Huckabee will run. I can't imagine him leaving such a lucrative gig if he wasn't all in. Frankly, I can't see Huckabee winning the GOP nomination. But there remains a strong constituency of social conservatives within the GOP and with fewer Republicans willing to oppose gay marriage, he could stand apart from the crowd and make a run of it. It wouldn't surprise me if he were to win the Iowa Caucuses again. 

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