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Joni Ernst Takes on Hillary Clinton Over “Womens Rights”

By on 6.10.15 | 11:05AM

During the 2014 midterm elections, Hillary Clinton campaigned for Sen. Joni Ernst’s Democratic opponent, former Rep. Bruce Braley, and criticized Ernst for not doing enough to stand up for women.

"It's not enough to be a woman. You have to be committed to expand rights and opportunities for women," Clinton said as she stumped for Braley.

But Ernst got the last word his past weekend at Ernst’s “Roast and Ride” event in Iowa. In an interview with CNN, Sen. Joni Ernst replied to Clintons accusation with this statement:

"I would say Hillary, it's not enough to be a woman. You have to care about women's issues," Ernst said. "And women's issues here in Iowa are that we have a strong economy; we have jobs that our sons and daughters can go off to someday; we have a great educational system. And women want strong national defense. We want to know that our families are going to be safe."

Since when is supporting regulatory "equal pay" legislation and abortion laws the only way to express support for women’s rights and equality?

Jerry Brown Worries About ‘Overpopulation’ Amid CA Drought

By on 6.10.15 | 10:33AM

Gov. Jerry Brown is worried that the Golden State will eventually have too many people for the state’s water supplies to support.

Brown made the comments before the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Board and also warned that global warming was exacerbating California’s drought.

Union Targeting Vulnerable Democrat For Supporting Obama

By on 6.10.15 | 10:00AM

As part of its campaign against President Barack Obama getting unilateral trade authority, the AFL-CIO went after Democrat Rep. Kathleen Rice on Tuesday.

Despite agreeing on many policy areas, organized labor has longed opposed the president getting Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). Also known as fast-track, if passed by Congress the president could submit a finalized trade deal to that could not be amended or filibustered and would only need a straight up- or down-vote.

As the House moves to consider granting the president such authority, the AFL-CIO has led the way in opposing it with an all out media blitz. Rice has become a main target of the media campaign for moving against much of her own party to support the bill.

DC-Area High School Hosts Anti-Police Art Display

By on 6.10.15 | 9:54AM

A high school in a Washington, D.C. suburb has erected a large art display bashing police in a central area of the school.

Oxon Hill High School is a majority-black school in Prince George’s County, Maryland just south of D.C. The display, apparently created by an art class at the school, was put up by at least last Saturday, when pictures of it first appeared on Twitter:

The display, protected by official “Oxon Hill Clippers” cordons, shows two figures: one, a white police officer and the other a bullet-riddled black man with his hands up and his wounds forming the stripes of the American flag.

Giants Rookie Chris Heston No-Hits The Mets

By on 6.9.15 | 9:58PM

I just saw the final three outs of Chris Heston's no-hitter against the New York Mets. He struck out the side and in all fanned a career high 11 batters. Heston did plunk three batters, but was otherwise magnificent. For good measure, Heston also drove in two runs with a single. The Giants won 5-0. Heston's no-hitter is the first of the 2015 season. 

The 27-year old rookie made the Giants starting rotation in spring training when Tim Hudson and Jake Peavy went down with injuries. Heston is 6-4 in a dozen starts this season. He is the first rookie to throw a no-hitter since Clay Buchholz did so with the Boston Red Sox in his second big league start in September 2007. 

If Heston accomplishes nothing else in his career, he will always have this moment.


Rick Santorum Has Just One Voter at Iowa Event

By on 6.9.15 | 5:07PM

At first, I thought this article was hilarious. After all, has there ever been a campaign stop in history so poorly attended, outside of one staged on an episode of Veep?

And then, the more I thought about it, the sadder the idea of only one voter showing up at an Iowa campaign stop became. I mean, I knew that Rick Santorum was facing a climb far further uphill than he seemed to be anticipating, as the landscape he's running in has changed dramatically even since 2012, but even I thought that Iowa, a state where Rick Santorum's brand of politics is almost archetypal, would give the be-sweatered former Senator some love.

But, alas, it was not to be.

At first, one was the loneliest number for Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Monday.

Just one Iowan showed up at 2 p.m. campaign stop Monday at a restaurant in the unincorporated community of Hamlin, population 300, according to a report from The Des Moines Register — Peggy Toft, an insurance agent who chairs the county’s Republican Party.

Ex-Im Bank Backs Boeing, But Plane Nowhere to be Found

By on 6.9.15 | 4:56PM

Several of our bloggers have written extensively on the Ex-Im Bank, so I probably don't need to rehash their arguments. Suffice it to say, when it comes to crony capitalism, the Ex-Im bank's customers are some of the worst offenders. We may talk about how the state siphons off millions to pay for things we don't need, but through the Ex-Im bank, some ostensibly American companies have receved millions - even billions - of dollars in corporate welfare, all paid in full by taxpayers, without much benefit flowing back to the Americans who pay the bills.

Boeing, the aircraft company, is one of the largest recipients of Ex-Im bank funds, getting nearly $7.4 billion in taxpayer-funded guarantees in 2014 alone. And the U.S. taxpayer gets nothing for that $7.4 billion in risk we assume. So you'd think that when we employ Boeing to build, say, the the KC-46, a military refueling jet designed to replace the KC-135, an aircraft that was first introduced in 1956, that they'd jump at the chance to do as good a job as possible.

You'd think wrong.

The TSA Couldn’t Find the Suspected Terrorists It Hired

By on 6.9.15 | 4:39PM

Remember last week when we told you the sad tale of the TSA's internal investigation, which found that TSA agents in major airports were only able to find a dummy bomb or weapon 5% of the time? We laughed, we cried, we bought those special underwear that are supposed to protect our junk from the X-ray backscatter machines.

Well, the TSA's impressive level of success was not reserved for their hide-and-seek-with-your-undies security theater routine. Apparently, when the Department of Homeland Security's Inspector General compared the employee roster to the no-fly list and got a surprise. It turns out that the TSA is so bad at identifying suspected terrorists, that they couldn't even manage to root out the ones they were working right next to.

Investigators found 73 people were cleared by the Transportation Security Administration to work in sensitive jobs at U.S. airports despite possible links to terrorism in their backgrounds, according to a government report made public on Monday.

Hillary Clinton Will Be Your Burger Flippin’ Savior

By on 6.9.15 | 4:29PM

The best part of the upcoming Democratic Presidential primary may be the bizarre, competitive relationship developing between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Hillary, who has progressive credentials but can't possibly claim to actually be progressive and run on her husband's legacy as a moderate at the same time, is bending over backwards to edge out Sanders or even his competitive advantage in key states. Already running within striking distance in Wisconsin, Bernie Sanders, who is no more a legitimate Presidential candidate than he is a legitimate choice for night manager at McDonald's.

Lately, of course, "night manager at McDonald's" has become a prime point of consternation within the liberal community. As fast food workers take to the streets in a last ditch effort to unionize the fast food industry, thus propping up service employees unions strapped for cash from all of their political contributions, "Fight for $15," the rallying cry of fast food workers demanding $15 per hour, has become an attractive target for progressive populists who want to seem like they care what the little people are doing, but would prefer to not have to touch anyone.

New Jersey Pension Battle Ends In Republican Victory

By on 6.9.15 | 4:11PM

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled Tuesday a 2014 pension cut was lawful in the fight between Republican Gov. Chris Christie and state unions.

At the center of the conflict was a 2011 provision known as Chapter 78 which legally compelled the state to pay retirement pensions in full. Despite this, in 2014 Gov. Christie signed Executive Order 156 which significantly cut pension benefits to address serious budget problems. While unions argued Chapter 78 puts the state under a contractual agreement to pay the pensions, the state claimed it doesn’t because the provision violates earlier established laws.

Unions associated with the case include the Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO and the American Federation of Teachers along with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees.