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The Beer Spectator: Four Blogs Craft Beer Beginners Should Be Reading

By on 5.9.14 | 1:13PM

When I started drinking beer in college, I began a journey. Since that time, I have tried many different IPAs, lagers, and pale ales. I’ve had beer in South Africa, Turkey, Spain, and elsewhere.

My one goal in drinking beer is to savor the entire experience. It’s never just about the beer, but also the people you spend time with and the environment you're a part of.

Some of you may not enjoy craft beer. Some of you may want to explore more. Both are welcome here, and I will continue to inform those who want to read.

The blogs below are for those just starting on the craft beer path. I think these bloggers are some of the most accessible on the Internet. They post regularly, and are very informative.—Los Angeles beer blogger Sean writes short posts every day reviewing a variety of beers from California and the rest of the United States. Sean also comments on the L.A. beer community. His posts are very straightforward; make it a point to check in with him every couple of days.—For general insights about the craft beer market, especially in the Pacific Northwest, read Pete Dunlop’s blog. He covers major trends in the industry, especially in relation to macro breweries like Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors.

Check out the “New In Blogland” blog roll as well.

Brookston Beer Bulletin—For fans of retro beer ads and the people who actually make beer, read Jay R. Brooks’s “Brookston Beer Bulletin.” His daily series “Beer In Ads” features a bunch of 1950s and 60s print advertisements for traditional American lagers.

If you’re not interested in craft beer, visit the Bulletin to appreciate American beer history.

Guys Drinking Beer

If you live in Illinois or any state adjacent to it, you should be reading this one. These guys have a beautiful website, hire very engaging writers, and regularly report on Chicago happenings in the micro brew scene.

I always enjoy reading their articles, and I plan on making a trip to Chicago to try their recommendations.

Do you have a favorite blogger? Let me know in the comments! 

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