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Liberal Writer Compares Hillary to Pope Francis, Says She Could Win 45 States

By on 5.8.14 | 9:01PM

Brent Budowsky, a liberal writer who once worked for former Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Lloyd Bentsen, has a hillarious column about Hillary Clinton.
Budowsky claims that if Hillary runs in 2016 she “could well carry 45 states.” I don't know what political universe Budowsky lives in, but no presidential candidate, Democrat or Republican, could carry 45 states in 2016.  
He goes on to claim that the former Secretary of State “addresses the nation as a whole in tones reminiscent of Pope Francis.” I'm surprised that Budowsky didn't nominate Hillary for sainthood.
Then again I think Budowsky would prefer to address her as President Clinton than as Saint Hillary. Methinks he would like to be Clinton's White House Press Secretary. If Budowsky is offered the position then perhaps we could call him Baghdad Brent.

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