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How Rick Scott Learned to Quit Worrying and Love Government Spending 

By on 5.8.14 | 12:27AM

In his campaign kickoff in Brandon (a suburb of Tampa), Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott, the state’s newest compassionate conservative who wishes a second term as Florida’s CEO, whooped up a freshly minted Republican budget with “record investments” in education, low tuition rates at state schools for citizens of other countries, and gave a big gooey Republican kiss to the concepts of compassion and inclusiveness.

The slippery term “investment,” of course, is Democrat for the plainer English word “spending.” And “compassion,” as anyone paying the slightest attention to politics knows, is Democrat code for terrible policies that grow government and keep the party of government in power. “Inclusiveness” means sucking up to and providing boodle for noisy interest groups that have been certified by the political and cultural left as victims. 

The headline in the Tampa Tribune story on this love-fest is: “Scott stresses inclusiveness in Brandon launch of re-election bid.” A shorter headline would have been: “We’re all Democrats now.”

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