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Anti-Semitism Marches Across Europe

By on 7.28.14 | 3:41PM

As Operation Protective Edge continues in Gaza, the Jews of the European diaspora are looking about and seeing an increasingly hostile home. A pair of particularly violent outbreaks of anti-Semitism in France and the Netherlands seems to foreshadow a future conflagration fueled by moral relativism and sparked by Europe’s growing Islamic slums. Muslims spouting Sharia and jihad have no room for Israel and Jews in their future world, and post-Christian Europe offers little resistance to those who promise hate and violence.

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Morning Round-Up 7-28

By on 7.28.14 | 10:02AM

Feature of the Day: We're Missing the Story


Morning Headlines




Associated Press

1. Israeli Strikes on Gaza, Rocket Fire, Break Lull

2.  US Sending Dirty Coal Abroad



1. GOP's Black Market: Anti-incumbent Campaigns

2.  House GOP Faces Big Week on Border Crisis

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DC’s Gun Restrictions Takes One Between The Eyes

By on 7.27.14 | 1:46PM

The ruling of Washington, DC district court judge Fredrick Scullin in the most important current challenge to that city's unconstitutional restrictions on Second Amendment rights takes judicial action against intentionally law-breaking jurisdictions to a most welcome new level.

The short version of the case is this: While the District of Columbia reluctantly pretented to comply with the DC v Heller Supreme Court case's finding that he right to bear arms is a fundamental individual right, they did it in a way which functionally prevents any resident of DC from receiving a concealed carry permit.

Not only did the judge rule that "the District of Columbia lacks any way to issue handgun carry licenses to individuals" and that they must put such a mechanism in place, but further he ordered that until such a meachanism is in place, anybody who can legally have a gun in his home in DC can also carry a gun in public without needing a concealed carry permit.

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Red Sox Trade Peavy to Giants

By on 7.26.14 | 10:04PM

The Jake Peavy Era is over in Boston. The Red Sox dealt the former NL Cy Young winner to the San Francisco Giants today for minor league pitchers Edwin Escobar and Heath Hembree. Peavy will make his Giants debut tomorrow night against the Dodgers. As of this writing, the Giants have a 1/2 game lead over the Dodgers in the NL West. 

Peavy has been on the trade block for several weeks. The Cardinals were interested in him, but when Matt Cain went on the DL for elbow inflammation the Giants pursued Boston for Peavy's services. 

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Architect of Obamacare Says Subsidies Were Only Intended for State Exchanges

By on 7.25.14 | 2:55PM

Earlier this week, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the subsidies dispensed by the IRS through Obamacare's federal exchanges were illegal. As the debate raged through the wonk blogs, the left tried to downplay the significance of the case. One of their staple talking points was asking members of the conservative media to find an example of anyone saying that the subsidies were supposed to be limited to state exchanges. Well, over at Reason, an example has been found.

Last night, video surfaced of Johnathan Gruber undermining the entire premise of the government's argument for Obamacare. First, who is Gruber? Reason explains his role:

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Why Abortion Will Never Be Mainstream

By on 7.25.14 | 10:58AM

In 1996, President Bill Clinton stated that "abortion should not only be safe and legal, it should be rare." The far left has since changed its tone with a campaign to normalize and de-stigmatize abortions.

The new website, founded by Emily Letts, the woman known for posting a video of her abortion on YouTube, aims to reassure that abortion is common and not shameful by allowing women to share their stories. 

“The pregnancy wasn’t real to me, it was a problem that needed to be fixed. It wasn’t a baby that I was giving up on, it was a mistake that I was repairing, it was our future that I was being protective of, it was our baby that I would plan for someday and care for from the moment of conception that I was thinking of,” reads one testimonial. “Had I not had the procedure, I wouldn't be where I am now: a law student, living my dream and sharing my story. None of this would be possible without my abortion,” reads another.

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Democrats’ Minimum Wage Stunt Laughably Backfires

By on 7.25.14 | 1:47AM

It's been five years since Congress last raised the federal minimum wage, and the laugh-a-minute gang over at Organizing for Action wants you to do something about it. You might better remember the group as Organizing for America. An offshoot of President Obama's campaign apparatus, the grassroots organization is tasked with promoting his legislative agenda. Not sure why they dropped "America" from their name. Perhaps too many members found it offensive. I kid, I kid. Sort of. Anyhow, by their calculation, people who earn minimum wage are left with about $77 per week for food and transportation after other expenses. In the grand tradition of meaningless political theater, they are challenging sympathetic Americans to live for one week on that budget and chronicle the results on the Twitter hashtag #LiveTheWage. The results could not possibly be more entertaining.

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Joseph Wood is No Victim

By on 7.24.14 | 3:49PM

There is a great deal of discussion today about the "botched execution" of convicted murderer Joseph Wood in Arizona last night.

The lethal injection should have killed Wood in 10 minutes took nearly two hours and left him struggling and grasping for breath. If the objective is to bring about death as quickly as possible then a cocktail of midazolam and hydromorphone sure isn't the way to do it. Indeed, there were concerns raised about the use of this cocktail when Wood's execution date was announced in May. These concerns were raised after the execution of Oklahoma death row inmate Clayton Lockett went awry last April. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has launched an investigation into Wood's execution.

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Planned Parenthood Tells Young Girl to Experiment With Getting ‘Spanked, Whipped, or Hit’

By on 7.24.14 | 10:49AM

Whenever conservatives talk about defunding Planned Parenthood, the left points out that the women's "health" business also provides a number of important services other than abortions. Pro-life group Live Action recently released a video that showed a Planned Parenthood employee providing one of these services: teaching underage girls about S&M.

The video is the fourth released by Live Action showing Planned Parenthood staffers encouraging investigators posing as fifteen-year-old girls to to partake in violent sex. From the Daily Caller:

In uncensored transcripts obtained by the Daily Caller, the girl tells the counselor her boyfriend wanted to try some “kink,” although she herself has no idea what that means.

“Different people have different types of fetishes,” the counselor explains. “Some guys like feet, and they find that kinky, and maybe they’ll wanna suck on your toes during intercourse. Or some guys will even want to, you know, ejaculate into your shoes, which is a little different.”

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Morning Round-Up 7-24

By on 7.24.14 | 9:27AM

Feature of the Day: Derailed on the Death Train


Morning Headlines




Associated Press

1. France: Air Algerie Flight Vanishes Over N Mali

2.  Iraq: Kurdish Politician Massoum Named President



1. Poll: Clinton Sweeps GOP in Florida

2.  NYT: Walsh Plagiarized War College Thesis

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