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Condi Rice Should Have Stood Her Ground

By on 5.4.14 | 3:44PM

Yesterday, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced her withdrawal as commencement speaker at Rutgers University because of protests by students and faculty. Rice was to have delivered the speech on May 18.  

Rice indicated she did not wish to be a distraction for graduates and their families. I remember Dr. Ben Carson citing similar reasons when he withdrew as commencement speaker at John Hopkins University last year.
While I understand Rice's intentions, I think it is a mistake for her to back out. First, all this does is embolden left-wing students and faculty in their efforts to banish conservatives from college campuses. Second, by doing this, Rice assumes that most of the students and their families share the views of those who have protested her presence. I'm sure most students and graduates would be thrilled to hear from an accomplished woman like Rice. 
The Left wishes to expunge conservatives from public life. Conservatives must stand our ground when these situations arise. Otherwise, we only help the Left's cause.

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