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Congressman Michael Grimm Charged with Tax Evasion

By on 4.30.14 | 11:06AM

Yesterday morning, Republican Congressman Michael "I'll break you in half" Grimm was arrested by the FBI after not turning himself in. 

The twenty charges of tax evasion and fraud relate to Grimm's alleged activity during the operation of his New York City restaurant, "Healthalicious," which seems still to be operating at its location on Second Avenue between 82nd and 83rd streets in Manhattan. 

Although the FBI has also been investigating campaign finance violations -- and those charges may yet be brought -- today's indictment was not about those issues.

During a press conference unsealing the indictment, the prosecutors bringing the charges and the investigators made much of Grimm's particular breach of trust given his position: "Representative Grimm violated (the public trust) time and time again."  

Grimm is a former Marine and former FBI agent, but is "anything but an upstanding citizen," according to an FBI spokesman.

When I first heard that Grimm, who represents Staten Island and part of Brooklyn, was going to be arrested, I was hoping it was for this.

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