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Obama Selfish With Selfie, Snubs 13-Year-Old Girl

By on 4.29.14 | 11:13PM

A 13-year old girl named Mika Taylor waited hours to see President Obama’s scheduled visit to an U.S. military base in South Korea this past Saturday. She held a sign which asked, “Mr. President, may A(sic) have a selfie with you?” But when Obama saw her sign, he refused her request, saying if he did with a selfie with her then he would have to do a selfie with everyone. 

However, hours later, Obama found time to have a selfie taken with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. 
Perhaps Obama thought young Ms. Taylor had signed an endorsement deal with Samsung
I guess Obama only does selfies with fellow heads of state, famous athletes, and campaign donors. 

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