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Southern Appeal Ends with the Winter

By on 12.22.06 | 7:54PM

I began reading Southern Appeal almost immediately when it started and was run by an anonymous clerk for a federal judge who called himself "Feddie." Upon moving into private practice, "Feddie" declared himself to be Macon's Steve Dillard. The blog became a part of the Georgia political scene and maintained healthy alliances with National Review Online and the folks at Red State.

Though I quit the Reform Club to blog at American Spectator, I couldn't drop Southern Appeal because it was the place where you could get a raging (but friendly) theological discussion going between Catholics and Protestants or find out where the best barbecue festivals in the South were held.

Now, for reasons Steve has chosen not to reveal to the public (but are really prosaic and non-sensational), Southern Appeal has to end. None of us were interested in contributing without Steve. It would be like Glenn Reynolds doing a hand-off of his site. Unthinkable.

This is the end of a little piece of blog history. Hopefully some of those Southern Appeal readers will join us here in the friendly confines of TAS.

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