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Breathtaking Finding

By on 4.26.14 | 2:19PM

Fifty-five percent of likely voter respondents tell Rasmussen that the federals should review political ads and candidates' statements and punish those who make inaccurate statements about their opponents. (We'd need a new agency, call it the Ministry of Political Truth, to oversee this brave new government power. Perhaps it could be headquartered in Benghazi.)

I would comment on this, except that it leaves me speechless.  What the hell can you say to the revelation that more than half the electorate wishes to turn the determination of political truth over to whichever party happens to be in power for the moment (and in power forever if this ever comes about)? This would amount to building our own gulags. OK, maybe I did comment on this a bit.

Pray the Supremes save us from this one.

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