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Cliven Bundy and Choosing Our Battles Carefully

By on 4.25.14 | 12:42AM

Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, who has become a cause célèbre among many conservatives over the past few weeks, made national headlines on Thursday for making comments about African-Americans being better off under slavery. Conservative commentators have denounced Bundy’s comments including Kevin D. Williamson of National Review Online

However, Williamson maintains his support of Bundy’s acts of civil disobedience against the federal government. He writes, “Mr. Bundy’s remarks reflect poorly on the man, not on the issue with which the man is associated.” But whether Williamson likes it or not, we conservatives are judged by the company we keep and any association we have with someone like Bundy obscures the issue in question. 

Let me put it this way. I’ve had the privilege of speaking before the Greater Boston Tea Party on several occasions. Based on my interactions with their membership, I can tell you that if anyone had spoken like Bundy did at their meetings or rallies they would be persona non grata. Just like that. There are some things that cannot be countenanced under any circumstances and when such things rear their ugly head a line in the sand must be drawn. 

Eventually Williamson quotes from an earlier article he wrote about Bundy:

No good society can afford to make Mr. Bundy’s example the general rule, but somewhere between his ranch in Nevada and the North Bridge in Concord is the place at which we say, “Enough.”

Well, if the Obama Administration is responsible for a thousand tyrannies big and small across this country and just one of them warrant us to say “Enough!” or to stand athwart history, yelling Stop then is it too much to do so on behalf of someone with a character a bit more exemplary than that of Cliven Bundy? 

If we conservatives are fighting to save this country from ruin then isn’t it incumbent upon us to choose our battles carefully?

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