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Some Advice for Michael Pineda

By on 4.24.14 | 10:42PM

Today, MLB suspended New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda for 10 games after he was ejected from last night's game against the Boston Red Sox after being found with pine tar on his neck. Pineda was using this pine tar to doctor the baseball. He might as well have put a jar of vaseline on the mound beside the rosin bag.

Of course, Pineda isn't the first pitcher to apply a foreign substance to a baseball and won't be the last. Remember when the late Joe Niekro tried to toss away an emery board?
My advice to Pineda is, if he is going to doctor the baseball he should at least get in touch with Gaylord Perry (or pick up a second hand copy of Me & The Spitter) and learn how to cheat discreetly or at the very minimum make the hitters think he's cheating. On the other hand, even Perry got caught cheating once. But Perry does have a plaque in Cooperstown.
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