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By on 12.19.06 | 10:42AM

Philip, I would cut the Chiefs some slack if they had done a better job so far. AND if they were arguing against a short-term boost to the troops in Iraq ONLY because their argument was that short-term would not be enough. In other words, if they were arguing that we should make a commitment for enough troops for as long as it takes to WIN, that would be fine. Instead, they seem to be saying, as they have all along, that no increase of troops will make any difference and that no increase can be sustained. Here's the question that the Joint Chiefs should answer: HOW DO THEY RECOMMEND THAT WE WIN? Just saying "no" to proposals doesn't do the job; if they presented a workable alternative, THEN I would cut them some slack. Until they do, though, they are no better than a bunch of McClellans.

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