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By on 3.20.14 | 1:19PM

Allow me to be the first to wish TAS readers a happy vernal equinox. Folks in the Northeast particularly could do with a little more vernal just now. With some sunshine and a coat of pollen on the family car, perhaps radio stations from Arlington to Caribou would no longer be deluged with requests for that Bing Crosby classic, “White Easter.”

The first day of spring always lightens my heart a bit because it means Opening Day is just around the corner (so far around the corner as to be this weekend from Australia). It also reminds me of that amusing Bartles & Jaymes commercial from 1986. Too bad the product wasn’t nearly as good as the commercials. (Or isn’t nearly as good — is it still around? I’ve never actually seen anyone with a bottle of B&J.)

The B&J commercials are of a genre with other entertaining commercials whooping up mediocre or downright watery adult beverages. Remember those great Miller Lite ads with Dick Butkus and Bubba Smith, or the charming Stroh’s bartending dog, Alex.

Too bad the brewers are rarely as good as their ad agencies.

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