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Double-0 Uh Oh?

By on 12.18.06 | 6:52PM

Dear Lady G: I haven't yet seen the Daniel Craig Casino Royale, and I will, for the moment, defer to your call on it. I know you eschew wimpery but, dearest Lady, is a dear lady the best judge of what is manly? Or is he so sexy that you and other ladies will overlook his other defects? Drinking a second poisoned martini seems more self-destructive than manly. Real men would pound down whiskey shots over a pool table (ok, ok, even over chemin de fer) in order to win money or the fair damsel, but would find a way to shoot whomever gave them a poisoned drink. Body counts are ok if there is real good old fashioned Code of the West heroism attached to creating them. Killing for the sake of killing is for sickos and other bad guys. Remember Platoon? In the modern Hollywood, I'm expecting a sensitive, corrupted, self-hating Bond who passes muster only because he looks good in a white tux jacket. Craig may be ok as Bond, but I still have my doubts. I will take this as a challenge and see it soon.

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